Blood vessel clitoris

Internal pudendal artery

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Pelvic veins, lymphatics and nerves

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Study vulvovaginal anatomy flashcards

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Sexism in gray's anatomy

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Enlarged clitoris

The systemic circulation carries oxygenated blood from the left ventricle through the arteries to the various tissues of the organism.

Academy of sexology international

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Surgical techniques

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Structure of the bulbo

The walls of most blood vessels. Sixty thousand miles of blood vessels transport the blood, enough to encircle earth more than twice. Peripheral also means outward or near the surface. Although the parts are placed differently, the clitoris is a match to the male penis.

Club clitoris

The clitoral opening to the vagina. The frenulum, where the skin of the inner lips meets at the glans. Sexy chick flashes nina aria for my cock.

The nerves and vasculature of the clitoris are absent

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