How many calories can you burn while having sex

Adult site launches app so you can track how fit you are getting

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Sex calculator

I mean, when youre waking up in the morning, bra off. Its true, you would burn at least twice as more if you would just jog or exercise, but if youre not a fan, sex is still an activity. Everyone says sex is a great form of exercise. Sex calculator reveals how many calories burned in each sex position.

How many calories does an orgasm burn

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This is how many calories you could burn during sex

Youll have to know some metric to figure it out, but it will let you know how much exercise will burn how many calories. And unfortunately, you probably still have to go to the gym.

How to calculate calories burned with exercise

An hour of vigorous lovemaking burns the equivalent of a slice of pizza. This is exactly how many calories you could burn by having sex.

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