What are the vagina monologues trying to say

Let's end violence by dancing

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Vagina monologues take on tired taboos

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Au's annual production of the vagina monologues asks viewers to start talking about vaginas

What are the vagina monologues.

What would your vagina say

I don't even say the word to my ob-gyn. It was hard to formulate a solid response, because it is so much.

How the vagina monologues demonstrates the power of theatre

Murderers robbers, project pat. After performing this particular monologue, i can proudly say i will no longer abide by this discreet passing of products.

Theatre review

There was a larger turnout this time around.

Eve ensler of the vagina monologues on taking back your power

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Empowered vagina's speak

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Vagina monologues take over kitchener council chambers wednesday

John jay high school principal richard leprine said the girls were punished because they disobeyed orders not to say the word vagina. So, when a young girl goes to the nurse or doctor or whatever, what is she supposed to say. When i began no one said the word anywhere.

N street village presents the vagina monologues

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